Experience fun and adventure with a Hatta Mountain tour

Hatta Mountain is one of the tours in Dubai that most of the people take as this is not only interesting, but also, it's beautiful. This is a half day tour and this will take you to an old village, which is known to be 200 years old known as Hatta - this is located at rough Hajar Mountains. The thrilling Hatta tour starts early in 4X4 vehicles, then proceeds along the road until mountains are reached. Once you are there you can go on an adventurous drive on the rocky landscape. This rough driving will continue for an hour where you will come across many unexpected beautiful scenarios that will spell bound you will come across many small and big Wadis, you will also, cross through many lush landscapes, that are surrounded by villages very deep in the mountain. You will enjoy and this will be like a treat to your eyes. You will explore many dry river beds, which are flooded after rains. Have a swim in one of this wadi and you will feel refresh and rejuvenated. Then you can visit 16th century famous Hatta Fort, earlier to your lunch.



This tour offers and incredible experience of both the desert and the mountains. We proceed to Hatta cutting through the desert, the ancient fortress village, famous Portuguese fort from the 16th century. The real adventure begins as we follow the trails of the wadis, the dried riverbed in the Hajjar Mountains to reach fresh water pools. You can dive into the blue waters of the pools. We also visit the famous 5 Star Hatta Fort Hotel for lunch (optional). Hatta Mountain Safari Trip we depart from Dubai towards the pictures que Hatta an oasis a little more than 100 km from Dubai along the undulating red sand dunes for an exciting off road adventure followed by a visit to the camel rock & stop for a while for photograph, pass through the fossil rock until we reach the Hatta mountains valley at Madham. The real adventures begin as we follow the trails of the wadis dry river bed in the Hajjar Mountain to reach fresh water pools. In Hatta Mountain Safari trip you can take a dip or dive into the blue waters while enjoying some refreshments before driving to the famous Hatta Fort Hotel for a sumptuous lunch.